Saturday, July 24, 2010

71 MPH Top Speed!

A main reason I'm doing this blog is to help put the new electric vehicle claims to the test and to find out if what they say is true. I have not had the time to do a trial yet to see how fast you have to go to get to 50 miles per charge or what is the furthest I can get the bike to go.  The manufacture claims this bike has a top speed of 67 mph, after getting to know the bike for 700 miles and maybe the bike go warmed up after these miles.  The bike now goes up to 71 mph if I lean forward a little, maybe even if I don't.  At the end of every ride, when I full up to my destination I always end with a blast of full throttle to see what the top speed is with the remaining power level.  Here is a list of top speeds I've found with varying levels of power.
Bars of power on gauge (total 11, still drive on 0 too, but not counting that as a bar)
8-11 bars = 71 mph top speed
3-8 bars = 67 mph
2 bars = 62 mph
1-2 bars = 55-60 mph (bike limits acceleration to save power)
0 = 45 mph

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