Saturday, July 24, 2010

First Ride: 5 new folks

This past week 5 people I know tried the bike out, most of them not motorcyclist, all of them first electric vehicle. The most common phrase was "that was easy". A friend's 55 (or so) yr old mother even road it around the block. At first the bike looks intimidating for those not used to a dirt bike or sport bike due to the seat hight which seems high for them but is actually normal for those types of bikes (and lots of people get their bike lowered which this could do the same if needed). Once they get on the bike they are more than impressed with my promise that it feels so light it feels about as confident as a bicycle in terms of moving its weight around. No matter how intimidated, once they road it around they said that was easier than they ever expect (there are a few who are yet to get on, where my promises didn't quite overpower their intimidation. In addition they mainly made the general comments about the sound and how "it just goes" and things like that.

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