Sunday, July 18, 2010

Motor Trend

Catch-Up Post: April 10th, 2010

Reading so much about the new electric vehicles and talking with everyone I know about them the past few years I had heard every complaint in the book. I'm generally a pessimistic person and I was focused, looking for every critique. Motor Trend journalist after testing a Tesla cited: "I'm so uncomfortable in the corners; it just doesn't give you enough information to lean on it." After taking the car to a figure 8 track they sarcastically admitted the amazing handling experience from the Tesla but defended themselves by says "Why should the Tesla require experiments on a super-safe, black lake to reveal its soul? It shouldn't... The Tesla's clientele probably isn't hard-core, road-course-lappers, of course. They're enviro-techies...". After this most intimate experience on a motorcycle I concluded many people who are writing about electric vehicles sound exactly like many of the old folk in 1998 at the onset of the computer revolution. This script from Motor Trend sounds exactly like many defensive office workers when trying to finger type pecking the computer keyboard the way a chicken treats something new. In that situation the 50 year old office worker would say about computers "why should a computer require experiments (practice) to reveal its soul (or usefulness)? It shouldn't... They're enviro-techies..." Still currently working in an office where some outdated old workers resist better changes for as long as they can because its simply not what they are used to and would require additional learning. I just want let people know how old and outdated they sound when bashing something they have not gotten to know well yet. Its rare when there is such a product that can totally sell itself once you really use it. It is true this electric vehicle has some very different handling characteristics, but it is ridiculous to say gasoline motor that has to rev to find its power, can stall, stutter, lock wheels with improper shifting, is more "natural to drive" than an electric vehicle with none of those issues. A motor vehicle is not instinctual to drive! I was riding in gasoline vehicles since a few days old, and labored for thousands of miles to perfect the handling of my 1990 "sports car" in my younger teenage and adult years and likewise spent many more thousands of miles both on and off track to really feel connected to my motorcycles handling characteristics. If Motortrend really wants to find out which car naturally "reveals its soul" they should put 16 year old children who have never driven before (never driven any manual vehicle) to do the test and see which car is faster and more confidence inspiring. I will put money the Tesla would beat a Porsche with a 16 year old driving. You can't compare something old, to something new, and say I don't like new stuff its different, and then still call yourself a journalist.
*(Motor Trend, February 2010 Tesla Road Test):

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