Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pick Up and A First Ride:

Catch-Up Post: July 2st, 2010
I picked up the motorcycle in Scott's Vally near Santa Cruz California, that cut $450 off the delivery fee. I figured a part of the reason I'm buying my first new motorcycle is because it is made right in the same half of the state where I live and so I might was well  save that delivery fee to help it balance out the price a bit.  Everything went great, bike looks great. 
Originally I thought about riding it home, as you'll read in my millage discussion its a good thing I didn't try that 150 mile ride on the first day before getting used it the bike.  My first planned stop was going to be at a friend (Ruben's) who has started his own non-profit solar installation company with the goal of decreasing the installation cost of small single family type installations where just the labor sometimes come close to half the cost for a solar panel project that provides enough energy for their home usage needs.  In a goal to help individuals all get solar no matter how small the project his non profit can decrease the cost of a small project by maybe 30%. 
His company website is:
Ruben is a "casual" motorcyclist with one of those 70's bikes which he often uses to teach other people their first motorcycle experiences/lessons.  I had already told him all I new about this bike and he has ridden with a friend of his that works at Tesla, in a Tesla. With his experience he was pretty aware of new electric vehicle details and asked a few general question like how fast...  He took it out for a 15 minute spin around his town, I think he mostly kept on residential streets, and when he returned his review was simply "awesome".  Back in the truck and off to home I went.

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